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We want to design and build innovative and modular products which meet the needs of municipalities, public institutions and private
businesses. We intend to pursue these objectives working with enthusiasm and respect for sound principles of professional ethics,
making ourselves available for dialogue with customers, and respecting the environment by using only
certified products. We put these intentions into practice by complying with safety standards, training
our staff and implementing all current legislation. Depending on the configuration chosen, the following
functionalities are possible:

. Charging electric vehicles, thus facilitating sustainable mobility;
. Real-time communication with the public;
. Eco-friendly low-energy lighting for any area, site or street;
. 360° remote surveillance of urban areas using real-time video cameras or recording;
. Wi-Fi Access Points for public access to broadband;
. Real-time sound broadcasting;
. Collecting meteorological information;
. Interactive multimedia kiosk (virtual notice board) for communication with the public.

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